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Students are allowed to wear jeans on Tuesdays in our effort to raise money for St. Jude. The price to wear jeans is $2.00 and all proceeds goes to St. Jude.  

As expressed many times before, please make sure jeans are appropriate with not cuts, holes, tears, patches, or frays. Thank you! 

Please join the NWJH Student Council as we celebrate our 8th graders “crossing over” to high school!

8th Grade Cross Over Student/Parent Information 

Updated and sent home 5/18/22

Who is involved:  8th grade students

Who is invited:  Families and friends of 8th grade students

What is it:  Similar to an 8th grade graduation, it is a celebration of moving to high school from middle school

When:  Thursday evening, May 26, 2022 from 7:00-8:00 PM

Where:  NWJH Gym (the Student Council will decorate it)

Dress:  Students should dress “up” like going to a job interview or to a nice wedding/church service.  The WHO of Springhill has purchased each 8th grade boy a new tie to wear that night, if he needs it, and to keep for future events!  We have also had several donations of khakis, belts, and button up shirts for any child who does not have those readily available!  The Student Council will do its best to make sure any child who would like to participate will be provided with appropriate clothing if they need it.  Just let Mrs. Ingle, Miss Shelley, or Mrs. Harper know ASAP.

Pictures:  There will be a photographer there to take pictures of your child receiving his or her certificate on the stage.

Slideshow:  There will be a slideshow of our 8th graders using baby pictures emailed to by May 10th.  Please send your pictures ASAP.

Practice will be held at school, Wednesday, May 25 at 9 AM, so that each child will know what to do as they walk across the stage.  Picture envelopes will be passed out at practice, and will be available the evening of the event.

Light Refreshments will be served.

All school debts need to be paid in order to participate in this event.




There will be extra Class Request Forms at Crossover for those who lost them.  Here’s the link posted on the NWJH Announcements page with the form you have to fill out to go to high school: 





North Webster Jr. High School COVID-19 Disclaim Statement: 


Due to unexpected increases in COVID-19 cases among younger individuals, North Webster Jr. High cannot guarantee specific dates for any extracurricular activities or programs. If there is an outbreak of students who either test positive or who are subjected to a mandatory quarantine as a close contact or suspected case prior to a school event, the school reserves the right to postpone or cancel that particular event. While we certainly hope to have all of our regular school events, there is no guarantee during these unprecedented times. If changes to an event are deemed necessary, we will communicate any pertinent changes to parents and students as quickly as possible through our various means of communication (Remind, JCall, letters home, etc.). Please bear with us as we navigate these uncertain times. We are working hard to ensure the school year runs smoothly and as normally as possible while maintaining all safety protocols.  Participating in any activity during COVID-19 is optional.  Unfortunately, no refunds or extended circumstances will be granted.  Circumstances are subject to change at the principal’s discretion.  Note: If any student is quarantined, they are not to attend any school event parish-wide during their quarantine.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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