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North Webster Junior High 2017-2018 Science Fair Winners

Posted Date: 12/07/2017

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Monday, Dec.4th, students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades participated in the Science Fair. We are so proud of all students who entered a project! Winners are listed below: 

6th Grade

Chemistry: 1st place Laney Allison and Chloe Culbertson, 2nd place Nate Duke, 3rd place Daniel and Matthew Burke

Energy Chemical: 1st place Dakota Thomas, 2nd place Chase McKenzie, 3rd place Keyshawn Watson

Physics: 1st place Xander Thomason, 2nd place Austin Sullivan, 3rd place Eli Davis

Astronomy: 1st place McKenna Gryder, 2nd place Jonathan Burley, 3rd place Sammy Moya

Biology: 1st place Isabella Sylvia, 2nd place Allyssia McMillan and Sakiran Ward, 3rd place Baelor Hamilton

Microbiology: 1st place Brice Baker, 2nd place Cody Snelgrove, Amiyah White

7th Grade

Engineering Mechanics: 1st place Belle Canter, 2nd place Kaden Taylor, 3rd place Noah Jacobs

Microbiology: 1st place Collin McKenzie, 2nd place Robert Oliver, 3rd place Madalyn Lawrence

Plant Science: 1st place Shynia Trees, 2nd place Eric Silvers

Behavioral Science: 1st place Savanah Cooper and Deziray Elkins

Chemistry: 1st place Denver Young, 2nd place Jacob Carter, 3rd place Halle Swieter

Physics: 1st place Abby Caraway, 2nd place Ethyn Rader, 3rd place Cooper Sanders

Animal Science: 1st place Antavious Tate, 2nd place Timothy Basinger, 3rd place Emily Yates

Chemical Energy: 1st place Madalyn Garcia, 2nd place Landry Thompson and Abbi Baker, 3rd place Haven Garcia

8th Grade

Chemistry: 1st place LeCambreonna Brown, 2nd place Gary Martin, 3rd place Peyton Ware

Animal Science: 1st place Chloe Ray

Behavioral Science: 1st place Shahira Williams

Physical Science: 1st place Ethan Shows, 2nd place Seth Dehart

Chemical Energy: 1st place Gage Nail, 2nd place Zane Taylor







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